tao-of-badass-dating-tipsGoing to up to a girl to start a conversation is the ultimate challenge for every guy. Guys will always squirm at the thought of it. No guy is spared from the feeling of sheer anxiety in meeting a girl for the first time.

Such is why I highly recommend this badass dating guide. In my opinion, I think every guy should read it. The wealth of information The Tao of Badass offers has been tried and tested to be very effective. Every guy that learns from it can gain the confidence needed in communicating with the opposite sex.

Hence, there’s just no doubt that The Tao of Badass is worth it. Here are my five reasons why.

It’s A Reliable Source To Learn A Good Skill Set

The Tao of Badass offers an effective set of skills that is needed by every guy alive. Tao of Badass tags the skill set as:

“… the most important skill set you will ever learn in your entire life.”

With the skill set from The Tao of Badass, any guy can understand and work around the social dynamics of interaction. Getting a good grasp of the skill set offered in the Tao of Badass gives every guy the leverage to do the following:

• Make friends with anybody;
• Have control over various social and business interactions; and
• Gain the self-confidence needed to figure out the social dynamics of men and women.

Joshua Pellicer author of The Tao of Badass has all the right information to equip every guy the valuable skill set for communication.

The Concepts Are Totally Applicable

Here is another reason why I recommend The Tao of Badass; the concepts learned should immediately be applied.

“You want to learn this material because you want to apply it. Knowledge is just a means to application … use everything you learn in this book.”

Learning from the immediate application of concepts to dating can bring great changes to every guy’s life. This gives him the confidence to be a badass among women.

The Goal Is Long Term

This third reason as to why The Tao of Badass dating tips work according to BehavioralEcology.net is because it provides a guy the most suitable grounds to establish a specific long term goal.

“… you gotta make sure that your ultimate intentions are the most important intentions. What you actually want from this…”

Simply put, The Tao of Badass gives more depth and substance to a guy’s goal in meeting women.

Gain The Power To Change Things

Who wouldn’t want the power to change things? I think every guy wants the power to change things and control the environment around him.

“… you are going to learn this at a conscious level which means you’ll be able to control your success. When something doesn’t go your way, you’ll be able to fix it …”

Now that’s the ultimate power. Who wouldn’t want that?

It’s A Credible Source Of Information

My last reason as to why I recommend The Tao of Badass is because it really, really works. Joshua Pellicer, the great mind behind The Tao of Badass, is a professional dating coach, social dynamics instructor, body language and relationship expert, and charisma instructor. He has gathered all the valuable information through his collaboration with the following Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall and Anthony Robbins, to mention a few.

In my opinion, those are pretty valid reasons as to why I recommend The Tao of Badass to every guy.