Here’s an interesting book written by Sherrie Schneider and Ellen Fein. It’s entitled “Not Your Mother’s Rules” and it talks about the secret rules of dating in this digital age. It’s a book every woman should take a look at and maybe even read.

Sherrie Schneider and Ellen Fein appears on Anderson Live. According to the introduction, they have a huge followers of readers.

“They’ve authored five books, including two best sellers, all offering very strict rules on dating and with new technologies like Twitter and Facebook, they say women need a whole new set of rules so they’ve updated their New York Times best seller The Rules…Some say the new rules go to far …”

But have the rules actually gone too far? Are they applicable in my life? Let’s explore a couple of rules from the book.

Don’t Answer The Guy’s Text Right Away

Yeah, right! I’ve waited long enough for a text and now I have to ignore it and wait a couple of hours to reply to it. How cruel is that?

But Ellen Fein has this to say.

“We’re trying to discourage text tests. We’re finding that women are going crazy with texting. They meet a cute guy, he text them and they text back a nano second later and he text back a nano second later and by midnight they know everything about him. They forward his text to their best friends and they study it like religion … but they don’t get asked out on a date.”

Okay, so the scenario is that a bunch of girls meet a cute a guy. But my scenario is that I’m waiting for a text from the guy I had gone out with. When he does finally text me, do I do the same thing?

“With all these new technology, there’s no mystery, there are no rules. Everyone is just going crazy and we’re just having everyone pull back a little.”

Maybe I’ll decide on that if I do get a text from my date.

Avoid Peeping Into His Facebook Wall

That’s easier said than done. Ellen Fein explains this further.

“We mean, don’t talk about it with him. That’s how we phrased it because we felt that women were studying it.”

So we can still peep into his Facebook wall but not talk about it with him. I think that’s doable. I guess I just need to shut my mouth on certain stuff that I see on his wall. But shutting my mouth is pretty hard to do so I think it’s better not to peep into his Facebook wall instead. The less I know about him, the better. But then I’m back to square one! This is confusing! One more question regarding that, does Googling his name count?

No Sexy Texts

I’m still waiting for the initial text but I think rule number 25 makes a lot of sense, at least when the time comes.

“You don’t do anything you wouldn’t want out there if you broke up … Wait as long as you can before you do anything on paper.”

I think that’s one rule worth thinking about. In this digital world where everything can be recorded and documented, I really wouldn’t want to leave any footprints of my intimate moments.

So have the rules gone too far? Are these new set of rules for me? I can’t really say now. But in the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at all the rules in the book.