A Sure Way To Get Back Your Ex

get-your-ex-backTrying to come up with effective ways to get back your old flame is like trying to figure out the formula for world peace. It’s not easy but, yes, it can be done. As matter of fact, there are so many relationship experts that have come up with their own ways.

One of these relationship experts is Kuldeep Brar. She has some doable tips on how you can get win back your ex.

Accept The Breakup

Accepting a breakup is never easy, but it just has to be done. Some folks can be in denial and that’s not good. In convincing your ex to get back with you, it’s a must to accept that there was a break down in the relationship. Hence, that “broken relationship” is gone.

According to Kuldeep Brar, getting back your ex is all about creating a new relationship. It’s saying good bye to the “broken relationship” and moving on to create a better one with the same person.

Make Changes

In accepting the breakup, you will need to make changes in your life. For example, you’d probably want to lessen the pain of the breakup by avoiding the places you used to go to. Stop doing things and going to places that will remind you of the relationship.

Of course, this is easier said than done because even the songs on the radio can cut like a knife!

Get Fit

The bright side about a breakup is that you will have time for yourself. Use this time to get fit and become more healthy. Don’t let go of yourself. Use this time for yourself.

Get Advice

Take this time to really think about the failed relationship. Get advice from trusted friends and family members. But be careful in doing this. Some folks usually take it hard if you don’t take their advice. In case you do get back with your ex, make sure that the people you have trusted won’t interfere or become too sensitive about your decision. You really need to choose the people you will trust in this kind of situation.

Take Time To Figure Out What Went Wrong

If you really want to win back your ex, then take some time to figure out what went wrong. You can’t just get back into a relationship without realizing what went wrong. Remember, you are creating a new relationship. Learn from the mistakes of the past.

Give It Time

You can’t win back your ex overnight. It takes time. You need to be patient. You can’t force your ex. Trying too hard to win back your ex can ruin all the chances of winning her/him back. You really need to give it time. Don’t bombard your ex with desperate messages because that won’t work at all.

Those are certainly effective ways to win back your ex. But here’s one sure way to get back your ex. Show your ex how much you have moved on without him/her. Put on that confidence. Show your ex that life is good in spite of the breakup. While this takes some time to do it right, it’s worth it. This is a sure way to get back your ex, that is, if you still want to!


tao-of-badass-dating-tipsGoing to up to a girl to start a conversation is the ultimate challenge for every guy. Guys will always squirm at the thought of it. No guy is spared from the feeling of sheer anxiety in meeting a girl for the first time.

Such is why I highly recommend this badass dating guide. In my opinion, I think every guy should read it. The wealth of information The Tao of Badass offers has been tried and tested to be very effective. Every guy that learns from it can gain the confidence needed in communicating with the opposite sex.

Hence, there’s just no doubt that The Tao of Badass is worth it. Here are my five reasons why.

It’s A Reliable Source To Learn A Good Skill Set

The Tao of Badass offers an effective set of skills that is needed by every guy alive. Tao of Badass tags the skill set as:

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With the skill set from The Tao of Badass, any guy can understand and work around the social dynamics of interaction. Getting a good grasp of the skill set offered in the Tao of Badass gives every guy the leverage to do the following:

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Joshua Pellicer author of The Tao of Badass has all the right information to equip every guy the valuable skill set for communication.

The Concepts Are Totally Applicable

Here is another reason why I recommend The Tao of Badass; the concepts learned should immediately be applied.

“You want to learn this material because you want to apply it. Knowledge is just a means to application … use everything you learn in this book.”

Learning from the immediate application of concepts to dating can bring great changes to every guy’s life. This gives him the confidence to be a badass among women.

The Goal Is Long Term

This third reason as to why The Tao of Badass dating tips work according to BehavioralEcology.net is because it provides a guy the most suitable grounds to establish a specific long term goal.

“… you gotta make sure that your ultimate intentions are the most important intentions. What you actually want from this…”

Simply put, The Tao of Badass gives more depth and substance to a guy’s goal in meeting women.

Gain The Power To Change Things

Who wouldn’t want the power to change things? I think every guy wants the power to change things and control the environment around him.

“… you are going to learn this at a conscious level which means you’ll be able to control your success. When something doesn’t go your way, you’ll be able to fix it …”

Now that’s the ultimate power. Who wouldn’t want that?

It’s A Credible Source Of Information

My last reason as to why I recommend The Tao of Badass is because it really, really works. Joshua Pellicer, the great mind behind The Tao of Badass, is a professional dating coach, social dynamics instructor, body language and relationship expert, and charisma instructor. He has gathered all the valuable information through his collaboration with the following Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall and Anthony Robbins, to mention a few.

In my opinion, those are pretty valid reasons as to why I recommend The Tao of Badass to every guy.


dating-evolutionThe evolution of dating is quite interesting. Who would have ever thought that dating can be traced back to the oldest and most illicit profession of all time? According to nerve.com. the origins of dating leads us right back to an era where intimacy is a service. There’s no doubt that this kind of social interaction between a man a woman is one of the most mysterious but exciting encounter.

But how did dating evolve into something romantic? How did something so illicit evolve into a norm? Nerve has mapped out the intriguing evolution of dating, showing all the various terms and ways of dating in each era.


Calling was the term used for dating during the early 1920s. During this time, men and women socialized with each other in a parlor or in a ball. Women were chaperoned but these kind of social gatherings gradually disappeared.


Soon as the chaperoned social gatherings disappeared in the early 20s, a new kind of socializing came about. Termed as treating, this particular kind of socializing was between a successful man and a working class girl. In this kind of social interaction, the working class girl is entailed to pay back the favor for being treated out. Hence in return, she shows gratitude by providing some physical intimacy to the man.


Somewhere between the the late 1920s and the Second World War, the term dating came about. During this time, a girl’s popularity was based on how she could fill out the social calendars of the boys. Interestingly, a girl’s calendar must be posted publicly so that her popularity is properly gauged and monitored. Talk about pressure….

Going Steady

During the Second World War, teenagers were dating promiscuously. But with men being drafted for the War, women were pressured (again) to find their Mr. Right. This encouraged men and women to concentrate on just one partner. Hence, the phrase “going steady” came about.

By the late 1960s, women married shortly after going steady. This was also the era where going steady was represented by certain tokens like jackets and rings.

Sexual Revolution

The going steady era evolved into the sexual revolution in the 1960s. But the sexual revolution was less constrained to the dating rituals of the past eras. Instead, the teens in this particular era interacted in a less traditional manner. But still, the sexual revolution encouraged men and women to find and to stick to just one partner.

Hooking Up

Nowadays, dating is referred to as a manner of “hooking up” with each other. With the onset of the digital age where it’s very easy to communicate with just anybody, hooking up has become a more convenient term and manner to meet and socialize with the opposite sex.

The kind of social interaction here varies. Hooking up can be a simple face-to-face conversation or maybe something more intimate than that. But nonetheless, it still strives to seek for that perfect partner.

Dating has truly evolved into a romantic haven for men and women. But it has surely traveled a long, long road. Who knows how it can turn out in a couple of years to come.